EFT is a revolutionary self-help technique that millions of people all over the world have learnt to use for an innumerable number of conditions including physical pain, sleepless nights, chronic conditions, depression, addictions, allergies, fears and phobias, weight loss, sports performance, post-traumatic stress, reaching your full potential in your career and much, much more.

In fact once you know how to use EFT, try it on everything – that is what people all over the world are doing and the results are mind blowing.

“Energy Psychology” or “EFT” (which stands for The Emotional Freedom Technique), sometimes called ‘tapping’ because it involves tapping on acupressure points on the body to stimulate the flow of life force energy that circulates through our bodies.

Just as we have a vascular system through which our blood flows through the body, traditional Chinese medicine has taught for thousands of years that we also have an energy system through which energy flows through, along energy pathways called Meridians. This has been proved by modern science using infra-red photography. The Meridians link tiny points of concentrations of energy. These are the points where an acupuncturist would insert a needle.

It has been discovered that you can also stimulate these energy points by tapping them and that is what is done in eft.

Negative emotions have a direct effect on the energy system and physical pain and disease have been proved to be intricately connected to negative emotions. Left unresolved negative emotional problems can manifest themselves as physical symptoms. Treating the body as a whole makes perfect sense, and doing that by being aware of our negative emotions and our energy system is a good place to start. By restoring balance to the body’s energy, negative emotions lose their change and physical symptoms that stem from the energy disruptions heal or don’t manifest at all.

Our bodies were designed to self-heal and when we remove the causes of energy disruptions that is what happens, our bodies heal themselves.


How does it work?

Emotions are felt. We all know what fear, sadness, happiness and joy feel like. Negative emotions cause negative effects, so to eliminate them we have to access them.

This is done by focusing on the negative emotion, the fear or anxiety or bad memory or anything that is bothering you.

Focusing on the problem and tapping on the energy points restores the body’s energy balance and the negative emotions are conquered. The effects are very real – you can feel the shift.   Sadness is replaced with joy, doubt with hope, past traumas become a fact of the past and not something that is continually with you, weight loss becomes almost effortless and stepping out of your comfort zone becomes less scary.

Like acupuncture, tapping achieves healing by stimulating the bodies’ energy system through the energy points. But unlike acupuncture no needles are involved! And because tapping causes the vibration that shifts the energy, we don’t have to worry about getting the exact spot, as an acupuncturist would.

Another important difference between acupuncture and Tapping is that we use our thoughts while tapping on the points.

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We will target specific problems by talking about them one at a time. This is how the body knows what we want to clear. Unlike many talk therapies EFT does not re-traumatise by visiting the problem. You will feel some anxiety, but it will soon subside with the tapping and a 10/10 intensity can drop to a 3 or 4/10 in minutes and often down to 0 in just one session.

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