What difference would it make to you or your business if you had access to a tool that could quickly and effectively reduce (and often eliminate) the effects of daily stress in your work environment as well as your personal life?

Let me introduce you to a technique that has been proven to do just that – the Emotional Freedom Technique or simply Tapping as it is often called.

Different forms of this technique have been around for hundreds of years, and about 20 years ago, it was discovered by the coaching world and has become a hot topic in these circles. It is being endorsed by some of the biggest names in this arena and is becoming one of the fastest personal growth techniques ever used.

So what exactly is Tapping?

It is just that…

Ancient healing techniques were often based on the concept of blockages in energy pathways or meridians, running throughout our bodies.

Some of these techniques such as acupuncture, involved inserting a needle into certain points along these pathways.

The Emotional Freedom Technique, which uses gentle tapping on these points, not needles, has combined this ancient wisdom with Western science and the result is a unique technique that creates fast changes in the energy system.

This affects the way we think and act, which has a remarkable effect on our life. Every one knows how difficult it is to change old thinking patterns and habits and that it can often takes years before some positive evidence of whatever therapy is been using shows up in our lives.

This is what sets EFT apart from other techniques, it is a technique that is easy to learn and simple to use, but extremely powerful.

  • Changes are fast and measurable the 1st time you use it.
  • Once you learn how to use it you can use it for yourself for many issues.
  • You can use it in the moment of a stressful situation.
  • You can defuse stressful situations for yourself, cope with situations that you have no control over and teach your family how to do the same.
  • Even children easily get over the stresses that are inevitable in modern life and that, if go unresolved, have the potential to hold them back all their life.