Reset Your Mind, Reset Your Body, Change Your Life

Good morning listeners and welcome to another edition on Stress Free Living. It’s hard to believe we are the end of 2015 this thought alone can send us into overwhelm.
Today I have a guest Sarah Chann in the studio with me to discuss our collaboration on a new programme to help people reach their full health potential. Live, Learn, Grow is about supporting women to practice self-love, live healthily and nourish and nature themselves.

We life in an age where there’s a huge amount of information overload and it can be so hard to cut through the rubbish and make good choices because we’re bombarded with conflicting messages… Fats are good, fats are bad, some sugar is good but not too much, alcohol is bad for you but having a red wine a day has positive healths benefits – what is a person supposed to do?

Listen to find out more from this session of Stress Free Living.