Meg was nearing the end of her 2nd pregnancy and was starting to feel anxious about the forth coming birth. Her 1st little son was born after a long and difficult labour and these memories were beginning to present themselves to her more and more… She was beginning to feel scared.

Meg had also developed Bells Palsy towards the end of her first pregnancy and it was starting to get worse again. Meg needed help the baby was coming and she needed a tool to help her to overcome her fear. She came to me to see if EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) ot ‘Tapping’ could help.

We did a few rounds on ‘this fear of having this baby’ and ‘this fear of the pain that I’m going to go through’ and ‘even though I would rather run away’, She felt a lot better.

We had about 4 sessions together and worked through every step of her 1st pregnancy ending with “Even though I had a hard time last time, what if I could be a birthing star this time!” – She liked that!

Then she remembered that after her first baby was born she had felt very tired and worn out and didn’t even want to have anything to do with him. She was feeling very guilty about this, and was afraid that it might happen again. So we tapped “even though I am a bad mother and didn’t love my baby…” and “even though I might not welcome this new baby I deeply love and accept myself anyway.”

Sometimes Leigh felt very tired and I asked her to imagine tapping when she felt this way. It worked like a charm!

We also tapped on the Bells Palsy. “The hard tight cold feeling.” and “This eye that falls shut and this side of the mouth that droops“, and the sadness of not having a photo of herself and the 1st baby in the hospital, because she was so ugly. After the tapping her face was noticeably better!

At 3 am one morning Meg was woken by contractions. She tapped and remained calm throughout the day. She kept in touch with the midwife who was in and out during the day and who decided to come and do an examination at about 5 pm and then decide if she should go to the hospital which was about 30 minutes drive away.

The examination revealed that she would not be going anywhere and the midwife started preparing for a home delivery! Meg could not believe this and nor could her Mum who had been with her all day. She said that Leigh was so relaxed – she had even slept through contractions, when she was not laughing and joking or tapping!

A healthy bouncing boy was born in his own home and his father and grandmother could not believe how calm his Mum was through the whole thing, Everyone agreed that it was the ‘tapping’ that did the trick.