I heard such an interesting talk on logic vs. emotion and I thought that I would share some of that information with you today.

When we have an idea we are using a part of the brain called the Pre-frontal Cortex. This is the part of the brain where every idea starts.

Every idea has an emotional impact on the deepest arts of the brain.

If the emotion or vision is too small, if we are not really inspired and excited, the Motivational Centre of the brain called the Nucleus Accumbens, won’t activate and that means that the feel-good chemical dopamine is not released by the brain and this means that the goal won’t feel important enough for you to spend time and energy on.

If you have a goal or idea that causes a negative reaction like fear, the motivational centre turns off and now you procrastinate because you have doubts and moving forward with the idea is hard work.

The key is to eliminate the negative emotions, because only then can you stimulate a positive emotional response. When you know how to emotionally stimulate the positive aspects of the goal, you also stimulate the Motor Cortex of the brain. Now you’ll be excited and committed to figure out ‘how’ to make the goal a reality.

So you see you really do need both logic and emotion to reach your goals without stress.

In my workshops and one-on-sessions we do all of the above.