Do you ever find yourself eating foods every day that you know you shouldn’t? Do you have uncontrollable cravings for chocolate, potato chips, or fizzy?

No matter how much you exercise or how carefully you plan a good nutritious diet, unless you are able to support those good healthy lifestyle and eating choices by dealing with your emotions, you will have a hard time sticking to that plan.

Our emotions cause cravings and as we all know, cravings are very powerful and so many of us use food to tranquillise a lifetime of emotional pain.

But – the tapping technique can reduce and very often eliminate your immediate cravings in as little as one or two minutes. EFT gets to the root of emotional eating by bringing inner peace so that you are free to make those healthy choices.

In a study published in the respected peer-reviewed journal Integrative Medicine, the Emotional Freedom Technique reduced food cravings by 83%.

So how does EFT work with weight loss, cravings and emotional eating? Simply, by targeting the emotion that is driving it. Have you ever caught yourself looking for something to eat just after an argument? Or perhaps when you have a deadline you find yourself wanting to eat something? This is where EFT comes in. Using this simple technique neutralises the emotion that drives us to eat or drink the foods that make us fat.

This technique is invaluable for people on weight loss programs, because not only will you lose weight, keeping it off becomes easy and almost effortless.

For more information on EFT for weight loss or if you would like to introduce your weight loss group to the benefits of EFT, please give me a call or drop me an email.